Vulnerability Management and Security Operations Centre Consulting
Vulnerability Management and Security Operations Centre Consulting

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As the complexity of flaws threatening IT environments rises, so does the need to implement and enhance vulnerability management processes within organizations.


At ForeLogix, we draw on a pool of experienced and highly skilled resources, in order to help financial institutions, enterprises and service providers protect their IT organizations from internal and external threats, and ensure compliance with standards and regulations.


Vulnerability Management


By analyzing the specific needs of each organization, our specialists can tailor the Vulnerability management (VM) services and offer to:


*  Create VM policies through which to mandate the Vulnerability Management Function's activities within the organization;

*    Develop the VM organization and related governance structure

*    Develop or optimize VM processesrequired for the delivery of vulnerability risk management services to business. Processes are developed for the following business functions:

- On-boarding of assets for scanning

- Scanning assets to identify vulnerabilities

- Analysis of scan results and identification of vulnerabilities to be escalated for remediation

- Vulnerability remediation verification and management of remediation.

*  Define and select technology tools to support the VM function, implement and integrate the tools within the organization;

*    Ensure adequate reporting to both Business Owners (Vulnerability profile and trends for assets or assets groups) and Technology Custodians (Operational vulnerability scanning reports).


Security Operations Centre Consulting


In addition to our VM services, we offer Security Operation Centre(SOC) consulting services whereby we:



*  Establish the people, process and technology requirements to build or mature a SOC within an organization (requirements analysis phase);

*  Assist to design and implement the requirements that have been identified in the requirements analysis phase – whether on a people, process, or, technology level.


A typical SOC can include any of the following components:


*   Security Perimeter Monitoring components which must be run according to mature IT Operations principles to ensure their effectiveness;

*   Log Management components to ensure that logs are collected in a stored in a manner that will render them useful for future analysis purposes;

*    Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) components – for the identification of security incidents in security perimeter component logs, or, for the identification of security events requiring complex pattern matching in internal- and perimeter system logs;

*   A Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) capability – to ensure that the response to security incidents is correlated within and outside of the organization and so ensure their effective and speedy resolution.

*    A Consultancy Team capability to do post analysis and reporting on the security profile of the organization, and consequently create the necessary security awareness campaigns in the organization and identify the need for additional security event patterns to monitor in the SIEM.



Contact us today to learn how we can help you provide proactive protection against attacks and threats, and ensure compliance with security standards and regulations.





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